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My name is Michela Tomei, I am a Business Coach accredited by the ICF International Coaching Federation and a  Professional Counselor certified by the Italian Counseling Society (S.I.Co). I have over 22 years experience in the Corporate World as Human Resources in senior roles.

Today I am doing the work I have always been passionate about. What sets me apart? 

  • My international, personal and professional experience
  • My knowledge of the corporate world and organizational dynamics;
  • The focus on talent and leadership development.
Michela tomei - header

Leading change

Change has always been an essential part of my life.

Even as a child, I knew that friends and school would change.

Born in Perù, to an Italian father and Swiss mother, I have lived and worked in five different countries. 

It was natural to develop curiosity about people, for their diversity and uniqueness. 

I also developed a belief: I could face and transform any situation to the best of my ability, if I chose to see it as an opportunity for growth.


The Impossibile Match

Albert Einstein said that the merge of opposites is possible by adding a third point. 

All my life I have been looking for that point of contact between two opposite worlds: my professional growth, in the pragmatic, efficient and rational world of business organizations and my personal growth, through paths of inner awareness inspired by psychology, oriental wisdom and my spiritual faith.

Have I found the final match? Yes, I have. 

In the work I do today, as a Business and Life Coach, combining the rational vision of life with the understanding of what is intangible is just fundamental.


Training and Collaborations



International Coach Federation



Italian Society of Counseling


Myers Bridge Test



Strenghts Based Coach



International Ecological School Accademy 

My Method

Strengths Based Coaching

Awareness of one’s talents and the development of strategies for their enhancement, increases the ability to self-determine, motivate and be productive, whatever the context or change in place.

My Coaching Paths

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business coaching

For Company Clients

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