Business Coaching

Bryan Tracy

“Excellence is not a destination; it is a continuous journey that never ends.”


To support your development in the evolutionary stages of your career, maximizing your professional skills and expressing your authenticity, this is what’s at stake!  Growth is a process, not a single event, it requires vision, commitment and action. Coaching stimulates and facilitates this growth. 

One thing is certain coaching is a journey, you won’t come back the way you left.

Whom For?

Are you a manager, professional, business leader willing to increase your professional impact? Are you experiencing a career evolution and wish to strengthen your leadership style? Do you want to increase your management and communication skills to face a new professional challenge in an international context?


To name a few:

  • Motivation and clarity of direction
  • Development of your leadership style
  • Awareness of own behavioral patterns
  • Strengthening of managerial skills
  • Constructive relational dynamics
  • Effective communication in international contexts


    The Coaching Path

    As a Coach I will challenge you to define your vision, direction and goals. We will create the context for you to develop options and strategies to reach your goals. We will pause to evaluate obstacles, doubts and risks. I will invite you to read the map of your working environment, in order to move effectively. 

    How many Coaching Sessions?

    A 6-months path 

    with 10 Sessions “CliftonStrengths”

    Profile Debrief  to activate your talents

    The tangible output of the coaching activity:

    Your CliftonStrengths Profile

    Managerial and Relational Tools to strengthen your professional identity and leadership

    Your Coaching Journal with the main stages of your coaching journey

    A map of your development journey

    Start Here


    Book a 30 minutes complementary video call to talk about you and your needs.

    Coaching Proposal

    Receive a tailored Coaching path proposal and a quotation.


    Upon receipt of the Quotation we will plan the next steps to be ready to start!

    Find the calendar to book your video-call with me.

    Select the day and time, answer the mini questionnaire and we are ready to go!

    The orientation video call is free and non-binding.

    After completing the form, you will receive:

    • an e-mail confirmation of the appointment
    • a reminder of the appointment

    If you do not receive e-mails or for any other questions, please contact me by e-mail:

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