My Coaching Methodology

Donald Clifton

“Professional and personal transformation happens when you open yourself up to a broader vision of yourself that can transform your reality.”

Invest in your Potential


I am always impressed by the renewed energy and motivation that Coaching activates when people become clear about their goals and recognize the richness of their resources. 

The Assessment tools that I propose in my coaching practice increase self-awareness and allow you to observe yourself and others from a new perspective, objectively and without judgment. You will open up new individual and group dynamics oriented towards building the reality you seek.

The majority of my clients seek me out to work in the areas of leadership development and professional growth.


Strength Based Coaching

The Coaching Path

In the Coaching path I foresee three moments of progresses monitoring, that we will do together, to calibrate the effectiveness of the path:

Chemistry Meeting

  • 100% 100%

Mid Coaching Path Check Point

  • 100% 100%


The stages you will go through in the Coaching journey:

Envision your future

What am I Looking for?
What do I want to reach?
How far am I ready?
Why is that important to me?


Where am I?
What hinders me today?
What are my resources?


How will I move on?
How will I maximize my strengths?
Which will be my next steps


How did I make it happen?
What has worked best?
What am I gaining?


What progresses am I doing?
What has changed in me?
What are my anchors?

Ready to Start?

Most and foremost the key to any coaching success is your readiness to invest energy, resources and time to embark on a self-discovery journey, facing challenges and making choices to reach the end goal.

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