Business Coaching for Organizations

Stephen Covey

“Strength lies in the differences, not in the similarities.” 


Foster the growth of the managers leading your organization: coaching is about bringing out leadership awareness, supporitng development of strategies and implementation of relational and managerial dynamics. Business coaching leads to a rounded and mature managerial seniority.

Growth is a process, it requires vision, commitment and action. Coaching facilitates this process.

Whom for?

Leaders, Managers and Directors whose career development takes place within dynamic, complex and international contexts.

To strengthen managers’s leadership style, to coordinate people’s work synergically, to lead timely projects, to build relationships and international visibility.

The Coaching Path

The coaching process is made of progressive stages that include, among others, the goals definition, leadership awareness, the development of the managerial, relational and communication skills, the grounding of action plans, along with intermediate progress reviews. 

The alignment with the key referees of the organization will take place in three key moments of the coaching programm: at the beginning of the coaching program to set the overall goals; at a midpoint stage to check progresses; at the closing of the coaching program to share the final feedback. Full confidentiality will be ensured to the coachee all along the coaching process. As an accredited ICF Coach, I operate in full compliance with the professional ethical standards and confidential guidelines set by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).


To list a few:

  • Motivation and clarity of direction 
  • Enabling Behaviours 
  • Leadership Empowerment  
  • Enhanced managerial skills
  • Constructive Relationship skills 
  • Effective communication across borders

How many sessions?

A path of 6 months:

10 sessions

+ the “CliftonStrengths Assessment” Profile Debrief 

+ alignment with the organization

The tangible output of the coaching activity will be:


Managerial and Relational Techniques to strengthen the Individual Leadership

Alignment between the organization and the coachee to set the growth direction

A map of the coachee development journey

Let’s Start

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