Life Counseling for Expat

Indian Proverb

“By traveling to discover other countries, you will end up finding the continent in yourself.”

Moving Abroad?

Are you moving abroad for personal and/or professional reasons? 

Do you feel excitement, curiosity and anxiety at the same time?

Changing life context requires time, new habits, new relationships and ways of living. It is a change that involves the whole person life.

Beyond managing the practical aspects of the move, taking time to reflect and taking care of the personal and emotional aspects that this change brings is extremely important for the success of this important personal and professional step

How does the Life Counseling Across Borders experience work?

For Whom?

For managers, professionals and private clients who are in the process of relocating abroad for business or family reasons. 

The Path

The Life Counseling Across Borders program is a space in which to share the personal and professional aspects that are involved in change and that need to be further explored and integrated. Professional counseling help understand how to create a new sense of belonging, how to welcome cultural diversity, how to integrate the changes of the new daily life. An opportunity to discover aspects of one’s own personality, perhaps still unexplored.


How many Counseling Sessions?

To get started, a package of 4 sessions, remotely, will be a way to start exploring what phase you are going through, how you are experiencing this new dimension of life and how to turn this unique experience into a valuable resource for your personal and/or professional growth.

Why work with me?

I have lived and worked in 5 different countries, I know what it means to get integrated into a different context and culture. Living and working in a new country engages your whole life and completely transforms you, it can be exciting, challenging, engaging and difficult at the same time.

Every time it happens it is a unique opportunity to discover yourself!


The Benefits of Life Counseling “Across the Borders”

  • Exploration of the opportunities of the experience at hand 

  • Integration of cultural differences 

  • Managing the emotional implications of change 

  • Building new relationships, alliances and habits 

  • Developing new modes of communication

  • Concrete actions to improve the quality of your experience

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