Talent assesment

Nathaniel Branden

“The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.”


Talent Assessment Why?

In order to evolve and change, you need to have clarity about your available resources, the potential obstacles that hinder you and the relationships you need to develop.

The Assessment tools that I propose in my coaching practice offer the opportunity to recognize one’s own talents, one’s own decision-making and communicative approaches and acquire a greater understanding of people’s relational dynamics. What is at stake? The activation of new behavioral strategies and the development of highly empowering skills still kept unexpressed.

Whom For?

Are you aware of your and/or your team’s potential? Can you recognize your decisions making patterns? Do you manage your time effectively? How do you create constructive and effective relationships? 

For Professionals, managers, working groups who want to enhance their added value and create relational dynamics along with an effective and rewarding communication.

How will a Talent Assessment benefit you and your organization?

  • Creating constructive relationships 

  • Unleashing people’s authenticity

  • Developing ownership

  • Removing limiting thought patterns 

  • Opening people up to behavioral and motivational triggers 

  • Communicating effectively 

  • Fostering decision making in an informed and contextualized manner


    I can propose different “assessment” tools in the coaching path, based on the emerging clients’ needs: 

    The CliftonStrengths Profile, which maps the unique strengths DNA person and of the team, highlights the levers to be used to strengthen motivation and personal effectiveness, maximizing professional contribution and full gratification.  

    Learn more about how I use the CliftonStrengths Profile in the Coaching journey (Refer to my page on CliftonStrengths)

    CliftonStrengths Assessment Options | EN – Gallup

    The MBTI Profile reveals the individual’s leadership style and how it shapes the decision making approach, the communication style and the time management. 

    The Myers & Briggs Foundation (myersbriggs.org)

    The DISC Profile is a very effective way to understand one’s own behavioral and motivational attitudes and those of the people we interact with. It improved conflicts management and the working relationship dynamics.

    Thomas’ DISC assessment | Thomas International

    Depending on the identified assessment tool,

     the following will be the tangible output in the coaching activity:

    CliftonStrength – The Individual unique Strengths Profile + Action Plan

    DICS – Get some guidance in exploring the managerial and relationship dynamics of yourself and of your teams.

    MBTI – Deeper understanding of own decision making and communication preferences

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